Yoga and Rock Salt

Yoga and rock salt lamps are two old companions that profoundly influence one another. Most of us have relaxed attitudes when it comes to painting a picture over ourselves. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress, and yoga in particular plays the most important role in relieving anxiety and mind control.

Yoga, Rock Salt and Relaxation

One of the highlights of yoga is the use of natural elements for more relaxation and deeper thinking, so many yoga masters prefer to practice yoga outdoors or even gain more energy from nature on horseback. And do yoga exercises.

But today, with the development of urban communities, it is somehow impossible to find quiet places for yoga, and therefore it is better to support natural elements in areas. One of the most natural elements that can be used for high energy is rock salt.

Yoga and rock salt lamps are two old companions that profoundly influence one another

Yoga practitioners usually have a thorough understanding of the power of stones and their special properties in the mind and ultimately our physical strength, so they choose to have the stone gain certain energy. For this reason it can be said that the energies of the stones guide the yoga exercises and, on the other hand, facilitate the absorption of energy through the chakras.

Rock Salt, Energetic Rock

One of the most energetic rocks is rock salt. This stone is actually absorbed serenity that one of the main goals of yoga makes it easier because the power of the stone, so that negative energies that surround the use, and positive energies and powerful, on the other hand, ions in the rock salt particles of dust and smoke in the reinforce Absorbs the environment and helps to cleanse the environment.

First and foremost, these two Salt Rock skills provide an ideal and suitable place for yoga practice, as the elimination of negative energies leads to deeper focus and a feeling of more positive energies and relaxation. On the other hand, cleaning the environment makes the air cleaner. Into your lungs and airways, which ultimately increases the effectiveness of your breathing exercises in yoga.

One of the positive things about rock salt is its availability. Today, Salt Rock Lights are designed to be used not just during yoga practice but anywhere as happier living and deeper relaxation are not the only priorities of yoga and we all strive for them in our daily lives.

Salzyoga is a method of yoga therapy that is carried out in a closed salt room in order to better perceive breathing and ultimately to focus on more strength and flexibility.

Salt Rock Yoga

Salt has been a known and valuable substance from ancient times to the present day, so at one time salt was a currency in many civilizations and later only the aristocracy and courtiers could use this valuable substance, but over time with its many properties. The substance became known and was used to treat many diseases.

Later this method of treatment took different forms and was carried out using different methods, which is currently the closest to the ancient methods of salzyogas or halo therapy. Although the salt bath is more well known and acceptable than this method, the effects of salt yoga are more dramatic.

What is Salzyoga?

Salzyoga is a method of yoga therapy that is carried out in a closed salt room in order to better perceive breathing and ultimately to focus on more strength and flexibility.

The Zen Salt Room. Photo courtesy Kintsugi Yoga Studio Dubai

All movements in this yoga are regulated in such a way that the parts of the body involved in breathing are stimulated and ultimately we learn the correct way to breathe, which leads to more relaxation and vitality as many of us breathe short and shallow. . The presence of salt during the breathing process allows you not only to benefit from the energy of the salt, but also to detoxify your breathing and provide the energy necessary to focus on the lungs and the entire airway. This type of yoga is especially useful for people with breathing problems and regulates the fourth chakra or chakras.

The Importance of Salt Yoga

Our body is exposed to many positive ions during the day. These positive ions are actually emitted from electrical devices such as radios, televisions, cell phones, computers, etc. On the other hand, the remarkable thing about salt rock is that this mineral can produce negative ions, and this creates a balance in our body when we are exposed to a storm of positive ions. This balance is especially strengthened when we breathe deeply. And we absorb more negative energies and ions through breathing and ultimately, with correct and conscious breathing, we can establish the necessary ion balance in our body.

In the meantime, salt yoga helps us, the energy this mineral gives us.

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