Salt Stone Massage: A Dreamy Experience

If you want to make an appointment for your next massage session, wait a minute! Have you ever considered massaging with rock salt?

Salt rock massage has countless benefits and only after one session you can see the amazing effects of rock salt. Your skin, body and mind will be grateful for this massage. Salt rock has 84 different mineral compositions and it transmits its gift to you. You can combine salt rock massage with other massages, you can also use hot and cold salt stones. Remember that one of the properties of rock salt is its antibacterial properties.

The salt stones regulate the chakras and cleanse your prana

Here are some benefits of using a rock salt massage:

  • By heating the rock salt, negative ions are produced, these useful ions can bring you a deep sense of calm.
  • The heat of the salt rock melts the dead layers of the skin and prevents this layer from deepening.
  • Moisture from the heat of salt rocks can soothe inflamed muscles and joints.
  • Rock salt refreshes and brightens the skin.
  • The salt stone moisturizes the skin and thickens the surface layers of the skin.
  • The rock salt gives the skin an alkaline state and thus detoxifies the skin.
  • Rock salt and especially rock salt massage can help you sleep better, lower blood pressure and stress.
  • The salt stones regulate the chakras and cleanse your prana.

How to Use Salt Massage Stone

  1. Before using the salt massage stones, you put the stones on a warm
    place such as a radiator, so that the stones are fully heated.
  2. Then place the warm stone on the sore spot on your skin. Now the
    sore spot can be gently massaged.
  3. Alternatively, you can oil the sore spot with a good massage oil and
    then you start the massage with the warm stone. Or you just use the
    heat of the stone.
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