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Is the power supply of these lights city electricity?

Yes, most ABC Luxus products run on utility power and, like other lampshades, use 220 volts. There is also an on / off switch for ease of use.

What is the material of these lights?

All ABC Luxus products are made and processed from natural rock salt. The bases are also made of natural wood and other equipment such as wires and lamps are standard and first-class products

Why are no two saltstone lampshades exactly the same?

ABC Luxus products are made from natural rock salt, so no two products are exactly alike. In fact, these products are unique in terms of patterns on the stone.e.

Why are salt rock lights not the same?

Natural rock salt may vary in color from gray to orange and from dark red to brown due to its ferrous metal oxides. In all the photos viewed on the Iran Zamin Heritage website, yellow inflammatory lights are used and the color difference is due to the natural color difference of the stones.


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