Halite Lamp And Feng Shui

One of the options you can use to spice up your living space is to use the properties of rock salt at home. Today, life is moving towards modernization and evolution, and this mindset is covering our whole life more and more day by day, so that now we often like houses and places that have the least interference in meeting our needs, for example, we like to enter the room. Turn on the brightness of that place automatically. In general, our choices for living are moving towards minimalism, and old and traditional elements are less used in interior design than before.

Traditional decorative items, because they are usually inspired by nature, somehow by bringing them into the interior design of the house or living space, we bring nature into our lives and reduce the roughness of technology, and with cheerful and varied colors, bring peace and cheerfulness to the house or even We injected at work.

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have much choice to apply personal taste in our place of residence or work and we have to communicate with those designs, but we cannot give in to these conveniences and can be done with a flower pot or adding a rock salt lamp. It gave the house more color and glaze to the secluded designs these days.

One of the options you can use to spice up your living space is to use the properties of rock salt at home

We all know that salt is a mineral from the heart of nature and salt rock lampshades are a creative design for home lighting. In fact, you keep your home lit with a piece of nature. The soft and indirect light of these lights, which is reminiscent of the soft and unstable light of a candle, fills the basic vacuum of today’s designs.

Definitely, by seeing the soothing light of the salt lamp, you will feel its emptiness in your home, so how much better to add it to the uniform and minimal space of its design by adding it to your home design.

Properties of rock salt in Feng Shui

Salt rock is very closely related to the art of Feng Shui. But what is feng shui and what can it have to do with rock salt? Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art. Eastern almond eyes used these two words to mean wind and water to achieve the best possible decoration. For many people, feng shui means giving up all the things you no longer need or disturbing your life for whatever reason. This will help you clear and lighten your mind. Feng Shui has 5 basic elements: wood, fire, soil, metal and water. In Feng Shui, it is believed that five important elements should be used in home decoration in order to flow the flow of life and of course the positive energies in the home or workplace.

Salt rock is very closely related to the art of Feng Shui

Salt stone decorative lights can be used in many feng shui details. In this art, for example, there is a rule called the feng shui triangle, according to which the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen have the most energy possible. The bedroom is the first choice for salt rock lampshades. In addition to dazzling light, these lampshades can also play a key role in the simple design of the bedroom.

Feng Shui fertility is also very important. In this ancient science, the use of the element of fire in the house is highly recommended. But bringing fire to homes is easy, and it can be very dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to use red, orange or yellow colors in the house. What could replace a fire like a beautiful rock salt lamp? In addition to fire, the use of wood is also highly recommended in Feng Shui. Natural wood bases used in ABC LUXUS salt rock lamps can meet part of your home’s need for wood.

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