How to Choose the Right Lampshade For Your Home

Increasing the light, increasing the beauty of the environment and making it pleasant are the most important effects that we seek to create by using lampshades. Choosing the right lampshade for your living room or bedroom is a very important issue. Undoubtedly, those who want to buy lampshades aim to increase the beauty, light and pleasantness of the environment, but if they do not make the right choice, not only will they not achieve these goals, but choosing the wrong type of lampshade in terms of shape, form and color can have the opposite effect on their home environment. . If you are looking to buy a lampshade, you can read this article to get acquainted with the most important practical points for preparing a suitable lampshade.

Lampshade Suitable for Catering

Before choosing a lampshade for the living room, think about how much light you expect from the lampshade. Note that the light of the lampshade in the dark parts of the house can not only make the environment more pleasant, but also make the space bigger.

Lampshades change the uniform parts of the house and increase the beauty of the environment.

Of course, the only characteristic of a lampshade suitable for a living room is not its light. You may have enough light in the room, but you want more light. So in addition to lighting, you should also pay attention to the material, color and shape of the lampshade. It is important that the lampshade fits the material and color of the furniture, and of course, it can give more beauty to the environment. Note that the lampshade can be used in other places in addition to increasing the light in low light environments. Lampshades change the uniform parts of the house and increase the beauty of the environment. For example, you can make the uniform corridor of the entrance hall of the house or the lobby of the building warm, pleasant and attractive with a lampshade. Salt stone lampshades , in addition to having metaphysical properties due to their beautiful and pleasant color, light and bases, can be very useful in designing and improving the layout of the house and living room.

Suitable Lampshade for the Bedroom

Choosing a lampshade for a bedroom or a child’s room has more subtleties. In addition to paying attention to aesthetic points, appearance harmony with the environment, proper lighting and… which we mentioned in the section of suitable lampshade for reception, an important issue in choosing a bedroom lampshade is safety.

First of all, you should think about the safety and health of the lampshade. Look for lampshades that use less glass or metal. Try to use a lampshade that has a wooden base, so salt stone lampshades are also a good option for the bedroom. Rock salt has many properties for you and the quality of your sleep. The wiring system and access to the lamps and lampshade fittings should also be such that children do not have easy access to it and there is no danger to them.

Of course, in choosing the right lampshade for the bedroom, you should not neglect the color. According to a study, bedroom colors are effective in having a comfortable eight-hour sleep at night and waking up with happiness and positive energy during the day. Blue, yellow and green are more effective for having the best hours of night rest and morning energy. People who sleep in rooms with soothing colors such as blue, yellow or green will have the best night’s sleep.

Increasing the light, increasing the beauty of the environment and making it pleasant are the most important effects that we seek to create by using lampshades

Suitable Lampshade Table

If your lampshade is a desktop, then choosing the right table for it is also very important. When choosing a lampshade, make sure the ones you are considering are lightweight. Do not forget that the right lampshade can turn a simple room into a wonderful room, and the wrong lampshade will upset the balance of the room decoration. So be careful in your choice.

The table and the lampshade must fit in terms of form. For example, if the table you choose to place under the lampshade is round or rectangular, it is better that the lampshade cap is in harmony with your table (ie, the round cap with the round table). Also, in terms of color, design and model, try to match your lampshade with your table.

Do not forget that the lampshade, like other things that are placed on the table, should not be larger than the table and its edges should protrude. If you want to give a lampshade as a gift to someone, before buying, imagine the space of his house and make your purchase according to the space. If you do not choose the place of the lampshade and buy it, it may not be as desirable as you thought. Be sure to keep in mind that depending on where your lampshade is located, its specifications such as form, body color and light will be different.

If you have tables on either side of your couch or sofa in the living room, placing lampshades on the tables can both create a space for study and visually balance your space. Also, the lampshade on the study and work table can be a good alternative to the reading lamp, provided that the dimensions of the lampshade fit the work table, that is, if you have a small table, go for a small lampshade, and if your table is large, choose the lampshade dimensions more openly.

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